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TaalMala - Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Tanpura, SwarMandal, Harmonium and Santoor Accompaniment

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TaalMala: Taal, Lehra, Tanpura and SwarMandal Accompaniment

TaalMala is the only fully customizable accompaniment software supporting Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Tanpura, Lehra on Santoor and Harmonium and now SwarMandal. For musicians, TaalMala is your own personal Tabla/Pakhawaj accompanist. For Tabla or Pakhawaj players, TaalMala is your personal Lehra/Nagma accompanist. With features such as customizable Taals and Lehras, and a huge library of Taals, Lehras and SwarMandal patterns, practising your music has never been easier!

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TaalMala on your Mobile Phone or Tablet:
  • Support for most popular mobile platforms: Android 5.0+ and iOS 12.0+ (iPhone and iPad)
  • SwarMandal accompaniment with patterns for most popular Hindustani (North Indian) Ragas
  • Taal Accompaniment: Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera with two high-quality Tabla/Dagga sound sets
  • Lehra Accompaniment: Santoor and Harmonium
  • Tanpura accompaniment: Built-in Tanpura, with male/female/instrumental tones and up to 2 Tanpuras played simultaneously
  • SwarMandal accompaniment: 60 Ragas included; ability to compose your own patterns
  • Manjeera accompaniment: Automatically synchronized with the playing Taal
  • 364+ pre-composed Taals and Taal sequences, including popular Taal variations (Vilambit/Madhya/Drut/Ati-Drut), Kaydas, Relas and other advanced Tabla compositions
  • 246+ pre-composed Lehras and Lehra sequences, in multitude of Ragas
  • 620+ pre-composed SwarMandal sequences, in 62+ most popular Ragas
  • Taal, Lehra and SwarMandal editor/composer (notation-based) and sequencer with fixed/randomized/tempo-based and fully configurable variations.
  • Taal/Lehra/SwarMandal pads for on-demand playback from a sequence, for live accompaniment (similar to rhythm pad, but for Taal, Lehra and SwarMandal)
  • Tempo (speed) adjustment for from 10 bpm (Vilambit/slow) to 1000 bpm (Ati-Drut/very fast)
  • Tap on the screen to quickly set the tempo of the Taal or Lehra
  • Precise pitch/scale (Sur) adjustment (+/- 0.5 octaves with cents)
  • Pitch detector for detecting your Sur (pitch) and set it automatically
  • Record your audio along with TaalMala accompaniment
  • Independent fine-tuning control for Taal (Tabla/Pakhawaj), Lehra, SwarMandal and Tanpura channels
  • Adjust the tempo and plucking speed of individual Tanpura strings, with option for randomization
  • Independent volume control for Tabla, Dagga, Lehra, Maanjeera, SwarMandal and Tanpura channels
  • Compose your own Taals using our Windows Desktop version and play them on your Android device!
  • Stop Taal/Lehra after predetermined number of aavartans (cycles) for perfect ending of live performance!
  • Detailed feature comparison

Latest Versions: 8.1 (Android, iOS)

TaalMala on your Windows PC:
  • Tabla and Pakhawaj accompaniment and composition
  • 201+ pre-composed Taals, including all variations of popular Taals (Vilambit/Madhya/Drut/Ati-Drut), Kaydas, Relas and other advanced Tabla compositions
  • Tempo (speed) adjustment for Tabla/Pakhawaj from 10 bpm (Vilambit/slow) to 1000 bpm (Drut/very fast)
  • Precise pitch (Sur) adjustment (+/- 0.5 octaves with cents)
  • WYTIWYG (What You Type Is What You Get) composer - Type to Compose - All you have to do is type the Bols for the Taal and TaalMala does the rest!
  • Detailed feature comparison

Latest Version: 4.70 (Windows)

Introduction to TaalMala

Taal Composer Tutorial

Lehra Composer Tutorial

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