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TaalMala - Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Tanpura, Harmonium and Santoor Accompaniment

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TaalMala: Taal, Lehra and Tanpura Accompaniment

TaalMala is the only fully customizable accompaniment software supporting Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Tanpura and now Lehra on Santoor and Harmonium . For musicians, TaalMala is your own personal Tabla/Pakhawaj accompanist. For Tabla or Pakhawaj players, TaalMala is your personal Lehra/Nagma accompanist. With features such as customizable Taals and Lehras, and a huge library of Taals and Lehras, practising your music has never been easier!

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TaalMala on your Mobile Phone or Tablet:
  • Support for most popular mobile platforms: Android 2.3+ and iOS 6.0+ (iPod, iPhone and iPad)
  • New Feature: Compose your own Taals or edit existing Taals
  • Taal Accompaniment: Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera with two high-quality Tabla/Dagga sound sets
  • Lehra Accompaniment: Santoor and Harmonium
  • Tanpura accompaniment: Built-in Tanpura with all popular Tanpura patterns included
  • Manjeera accompaniment: Automatically synchronized with the playing Taal
  • 266+ pre-composed Taals and Taal sequences, including popular Taal variations (Vilambit/Madhya/Drut/Ati-Drut), Kaydas, Relas and other advanced Tabla compositions
  • 188+ pre-composed Lehras and Lehra sequences, in multitude of Ragas
  • Taal and Lehra composer and sequencer with fixed/randomized and fully configurable variations
  • Tempo (speed) adjustment for from 10 bpm (Vilambit/slow) to 1000 bpm (Ati-Drut/very fast)
  • Tap on the screen to quickly set the tempo of the Taal or Lehra
  • Precise pitch/scale (Sur) adjustment (+/- 0.5 octaves with cents)
  • Independent master fine-tuning control for Taal (Tabla/Pakhawaj), Lehra and Tanpura channels
  • Play up to 2 Tanpuras simultaneously
  • Adjust the plucking speed of individual Tanpura strings, with option for slight randomization
  • Independent volume control for Tabla, Dagga, Lehra, Maanjeera and Tanpura channels
  • All common Tanpura patterns included
  • Adjustable Tanpura tempo
  • Use your own Tanpura sounds and loops (Android only)
  • Compose your own Taals using our Windows Desktop version and play them on your Android device!
  • Detailed feature comparison

Latest Version: 3.0 (Android), 3.0 (iOS)

TaalMala on your Windows PC:
  • Tabla and Pakhawaj accompaniment and composition
  • 201+ pre-composed Taals, including all variations of popular Taals (Vilambit/Madhya/Drut/Ati-Drut), Kaydas, Relas and other advanced Tabla compositions
  • Tempo (speed) adjustment for Tabla/Pakhawaj from 10 bpm (Vilambit/slow) to 1000 bpm (Drut/very fast)
  • Precise pitch (Sur) adjustment (+/- 0.5 octaves with cents)
  • WYTIWYG (What You Type Is What You Get) composer - Type to Compose - All you have to do is type the Bols for the Taal and TaalMala does the rest!
  • Detailed feature comparison

Latest Version: 4.70

Introduction to TaalMala

Taal Composer Tutorial

Lehra Composer Tutorial

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